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Erotics Ads

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Hookers and Escorts

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world. Today is the most commonly often called escorts or prostitutes.

Las Palmas, Ibiza and All Spain, Whores exist since we have historical records and initially his services were rendered to exchange things or resources. Today escorts are girls in exchange for money to provide sexual services in the vast majority of cases whores offer very many services, such as Greek or anal, threesomes, services to couples, natural blowjob, kissing couples and all that according to them the couple customer does not want to do.

Erotic ads

The proliferation of portals, websites, apps, guides and other means associated with erotic ads or sex, has made behind the erotic ads have created an industry that employs many people, such as photographers, webmasters, editors, etc ...

Formerly the only way to see erotic ads was going to a print medium, there are now many classified portals, escorts guides, guides transvestites, erotic guides, etc ...

Ads shemales and transexuals

The trans people who identify with the opposite sex to their biological sex. Transgender people are those who find their sexual identity conflicts with their biological and genetic sex. Shemale are people who express a particular biological gender through dress primarily a socially assigned gender role of the opposite sex (cross-dressing), and which is closely associated with transsexuality. Although the term "transvestism" usually refers in most cases to a transsexual person who wishes to express himself in a way according to their own gender identity. The world of trans /shemale associated with sexual services, is well known for being very liberal, without taboos and where imagination has no brake to carry out sexual fantasies. We can find trans / transvestites considered liabilities, assets or liabilities / assets.

Ads erotic massage

The world of erotic massage, also known as relaxation or massage with a happy ending, have emerged in recent times very quickly, proliferating many erotic massage centers in every city. Many of the techniques offered in these centers are sensual massage oils, body to body on a stretcher, futon, tantric and spiritual, relaxing, four hands, mutual, and that is having a lot of acceptance, nuru massage, It is given a clear and colorless gel algae.